Ushers Ministry

Usher Board Ministry (Doorkeepers): The history of Ushering can be traced back to the beginning of man existence, Throughout the scriptures we fine Ushers being called Watchman (II Samuel 18:24-27) Porters in (I Chronicles 9: 17-19) and Doorkeepers (I Chronicles 15:23-24) which this name Doorkeeper has lasted many years to today. Ushers are servants of God, they set the tone and mood of service by making sure the Sanctuary is ready for worship and all guest are greeted warmly and seated comfortably, we are positioned at the Sanctuary doors to assure the respect of worshiping God and the safety of all that attend, always following the Pastors Leadership (silently) and always willing to make our guest and congregation feel at home, In other words we have become known as “Gods Ministry of Order”.

B. Banks, L. Harris, E. Shine, L. Carson, I. Veal, J. Patterson
C. Goree, D. Jones, K. Soumare-Simpson, K.Foster, G. Ross
S. Walker, E. McCullars, J. Smith, P. Linton, M. Jones, K. Tyehimba, M. Bolton E. Ware, G. Williams, C. Miller, G. Lyle, L. Payne, C. Henderson, M. Greene, JT. Brown, C. Washington
(Not Pictured) L. Sigmond, G. Johnson, T. Wright, R. Davis, M. Harris, C. Smith,  S. Padgett, C. Nealy, J. Morgan
Y. Hill, B. Brown, B. Brown, L. Grayson, C. Gamble