Recreation Ministry

The mission of the Greater New Hope Missionary Baptist Church Recreation Ministry is to provide opportunities for people to develop relationship, grow friendship, and strengthen one another in life and faith as we participate in our favorite sports, hobbies and other forms of recreation outing and athletics. The Recreation Ministry strives to be a family affair. It is with this in mind we hope everyone in your family will fmd opportunity for activity and fellowship. It is our purpose to provide a program for youth and adults that will attract people from the surrounding community and provide them with a warm and welcome introduction to the church.

J. Patterson, J. Gault, L. Harris, K. Kinamore, V. Leach

I. Nelson, D. Dunn, W. Stinson, J. Smith, Dea. M. Chenault

M. Harris, M. Green, P. Lyle, G. Lyle, A. Blye, D. Danforth